How does sunscreen work?

Learn all about SPF and how sunscreen works to protect your skin from sunburn. We also share some tips on how often to reapply sunscreen

The A - Z of sunscreen

From sprays and aerosols to water resistance - find out which is the best sunscreen for you and how often to reapply sunscreen

Which sunscreen format do you prefer?

There are four types of sunscreen format. The pump spray, trigger spray, lotion and aerosol. Which is your favorite?
Sunscreen formats explained

Trigger spray sunscreen

Trigger sprays like NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Moisturising Trigger Sun Spray 50+ are the perfect partner for a day on the beach. The convenient applicator makes sun protection child’s play, while the moisturising formula delivers the gentle skincare your body needs.
Sunscreen formats explained

Pump spray sunscreen

Pump spray sunscreens like NIVEA Sun Protect & Refresh Invisible Sun Spray 30 High are quick, convenient and easy to apply. This makes them a great sunscreen format to throw in your handbag and use on the go. 
Sunscreen formats explained

Lotion sunscreen

You can’t go wrong with the classics. Sunscreen lotion is a trusted UV protector that is soothing and gentle, making it a firm favourite.
Sunscreen formats explained

NIVEA Aerosol sunscreen

NIVEA Aerosol sunscreen formats have an added cooling feature. The product’s refreshing mist works very well on hot days when your skin is looking for a bit of relief. 
The best sunscreen for…

…the highest protection

If it is a high SPF sunscreen you are looking for, NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF 50+ combines the highest possible protection with moisturising skin care.
The best sunscreen for…


Stay refreshed on a warm summer’s day. As well as protecting your skin from both UVA and UVB light, NIVEA Sun Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Sun Spray 30 High gives an pleasurable cooling effect.

The best sunscreen for…

…a natural tan

Specially engineered sun protection products like NIVEA Sun Protect & Bronze Tan Activating Lotion SPF 30 are designed to keep your skin safe while helping you to achieve a beautiful bronzed skin tone naturally.
The best sunscreen for…

…Water resistance

Try NIVEA Sun Protect & Refresh Refreshing Sun Lotion 30 High. The light, non-greasy formula is perfect for keeping skin protected and refreshed.
The best sunscreen for…


NIVEA Sun Kids Swim & play Sun Lotion SPF50+  has been specially formulated with your little ones in mind. It’s very water resistant formula makes sure that kids are protected while splashing around at the beach.

The how and why of sunscreen

Now that we know all about the different types of sunscreen format, it’s time to find out exactly how sunscreen works on the skin.

Beautiful words

How does sunscreen work?

Sunscreen places a protective barrier between your skin and UV radiation from the sun. Most sunscreens contain mineral filters that reflect the UV light and chemical filters that absorb the light so that your skin doesn’t burn.

What happens to your skin when you use sunscreen?

When you use sunscreen you are keeping your skin healthy, natural and beautiful. Sunscreen helps to protect against long-term skin damages like wrinkles, sunburn and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Furthermore, sunscreen products like NIVEA Sun Protect & Refresh Cooling Sun Lotion SPF 50 do not only protect your skin from the sun, but also have a light hydrating formula with a pleasurable cooling effect that leaves your skin refreshed and silky.


Stay smart in the sun this summer with the best sunscreens from NIVEA